Breaking in young ponies and horses in Germany

Schooling promising youngsters

The careful and gentle breaking in of your pony or horse will help to ensure that you will have a lifetime of pleasure with a reliable partner for sport and leisure. Whoever fails to gain the trust of a partner between horse and rider right from the beginning will sooner or later face unpleasant challenges. Quite often we have horses / ponies that have not coped well with the first attempt at breaking in, e.g. due to false ambition, excessive demands or time pressure. Therefore it is our claim to reach the aim patiently but consequently step by step. Always ending training units with a good feeling for the horse.

TRAINED WITH ♥ We are abled to say that about every pony that leaves our stable.


Did you know?

-We offer great possibilities for horse keeping with light-flooded stables and good climate.
-We have generous grazing areas, also for stallions. Our horses are taken to the pasture and paddock every day.
-Every pony / horse is trained individually and versatile.
-We will consult you in your search for a German riding pony and, if required, we will make a preselection for you, which we will inspect for you in Germany.

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You want your pony to be broken in.

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