Professional Marketing & Sale of Ponies & Horses in Germany


Many factors play an important role in the marketing and sale of ponies and horses. Besides the individual needs, such as level of training, age and success, the health of the pony / horse as well as the trust in the buyer or seller are essential in order to create a positive feeling when buying or selling apony / horse in Germany.
Surely you have often asked yourself the questions “How do I find the right pony in Germany?”, This can only be achieved by complete transparency during the purchase with regard to suitability, character, success and pricing as well as a real opinion of the future development.
Or “Where can I buy a pony in Germany? As a buyer from abroad, such as the USA, Denmark or the Netherlands, the purchase of a pony in Germany is only successful if you can rely on a reliable service in Germany. This is what we offer you at THI Reitponys.
We are not only your reliable partner before the purchase, but also afterwards. We are always available to help you with advice and support.
Therefore you get much more than just the sale of your horse or your new horse / pony. Read for yourself what we do for our customers, sellers and buyers of our ponies.

Sie möchten sich beim Kauf oder Verkauf Ihres Ponys unterstützen lassen? Dann schreiben Sie jetzt an oder melden Sie sich telefonisch unter 01629804639.

Your customer advantages as a salesperson

  • Benefit from an optimal sales presentation and preparation by training, education & show presentation of your pony or horse.
  • If you wish, I would be happy to take over the customer service, from the first contact up to the riding and testing of your pony as well as the organisation of purchase examinations at a veterinarian.
  • Support of the customers and your pony after the sale is completed, e.g. in the form of joint training sessions to help the new couple grow together..
  • Marketing of your horse / pony on on- and offline sales platforms, including professional text creation and research.
  • Production of image and video material that skillfully puts your horse in the limelight, in cooperation with an experienced media designer and photographer.

Your customer advantages as a buyer

  • Real evaluation of the sales ponies and horses and pre-selection based on your needs, wishes and goals.
  • Openness with regard to price and pricing, especially when involving external intermediaries.
  • Further support after completion of the purchase and in the transition period, e.g. in the form of partial or full riding, and always at your side with help and advice.
  • Extensive possibilities to try out the ponies and horses in different situations, also repeatedly.
  • Organisation and handling of the purchase examinations as well as transport organisation.